15 ideas to stay productive in lockdown time.

15 ideas to stay productive in lockdown time.

How you are utilising the time in Warren time because we already passed some days being in current time for refund some productive ways to invest your time am in this period yeah we have discussed some points related to two productive investment of time in lockdown time.

  • first you can arrange your wardrobe.
  • second clean your mail list.
  • Third you can start a new hobby.
  • forth you can start developing a passive income source.
  • Fifth work on your health.
  • Sixth you can call your friends and families that you haven’t call for a very long time.
  • Seventh you can read books.
  • Eighth watch Inspirational movies.
  • Ninth learn to cook healthy food.
  • Tenth work on your mind set.
  • Eleventh get new idea for your side business or you don’t have then you can start it .
  • 12th find some friends online.
  • 13th learn online courses, there are many free courses available now.
  • 14th enhance your skills.
  • 15th you can spend good time with your parents and family, discuss your past times, your past life with your kids with your parents, you can also see old pictures.

This are some productive things to do in quarantine. And also it will benefited for your upcoming time.

Hope you like this points. And also you can comment how you are investing your time in this lockdown time


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  1. Urah

    Cooking and crafting has kept me busy during this lockdown, I have managed to come up with several DIY recipes that are really funny but tasting really great.
    I’m also going to try one or more of your ideas above and see how I can get my day bumping.
    Cheers and happy lockdown!

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  3. WHATNOT !!!

    This article is really helpful for everyone. I appreciate your work.

  4. Mujtaba

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  5. Mujtaba

    Skills To Learn During Lock Down

  6. lalit

    this idea helping people a lot during the period of lockdown in terms of heath wealth and knowledge .

  7. Chad

    Great tips for creating quality time. Spending quality time especially with family is second to none! Also, looking towards money management is a great idea.

  8. Luna

    I feel very thankful that I could read that awesome article. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

  9. Gift Clues

    The whole world needs to see this :-O

  10. Neha Jella

    Yes this post is so true . I started reading books and it is very

  11. Aditya

    That was really a good point to be remembered about personal development.
    i should mention some of my points
    1. start a home work out
    2. mediation
    3. start reading a book
    these things gonna improve a lot’
    just do it 1% a day and you will notice after 30 days that you came so far that now you habits are changed 30%
    these habits are soo good that they have potential to change you life drastically from introvert to a successful person

  12. tiwari

    I feel very thankful that I could read that awesome article. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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